• Investor’s Impact Guides Investments to Do Good

  • Posted on November 24, 2016
  • Impact investment tries to leverage the strong influence of capitalism with the philanthropic vision of the investor. While many firms are jumping on this model as it trends, Investor’s Impact finds itself on the front lines of promoting that model of investment as a primary method for their clients to see a return on investment. They want to propagate an investment model that not only promises a meaningful financial return for investors, but that also promotes investments that maximizes the benefit to society as a whole.

    Investor's Impact is built differently than many other investment firms, in that they want clients to understand the strong relationship between investing and giving. This understanding gets investors to think about the long term. Under their concept of enduring giving, a lot more than the short-term return on investment is considered. However, they also assess and account for the impact of the investment, as well. The coordination of giving and investment represents the height of stewardship. That’s the advantage that Investor’s Impact offers their clients over other investment firms.

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